Hypnobirthing Courses with The Calm Birth Club

Course Content

The complete KG Hypnobirthing course.

On the course we will cover:

  • How to quickly and easily reach a state of deep relaxation

  • Breathing techniques, along with visualisation and deepening techniques to use during labour and birth

  • Releasing fears surrounding birth and replacing these fears with positivity and confidence

  • Highly effective and gentle massage technique to stimulate the body’s natural pain relieving hormones

  • Birth partner role and toolkit to draw upon during labour and birth

  • The woman’s body and how it is designed to work perfectly in birth from a physiological and psychological perspective

  • Knowledge and information about pregnancy and birth that you are unlikely to be told anywhere else

  • How the NHS system works, what to expect and how to work with it to achieve the best result for you

  • Understanding of how the mind and body work together


  • A simple practice regime to support you at home

  • Relaxation MP3s

  • Bestselling Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Book

  • Course handout pack

  • Private social messaging group with the other members of your course (optional).

  • Ongoing email and phone support

Course Fees and Location

Private 1:1 Classes
Private Hypnobirthing course offered either in my home or the comfort of your own home.
The course can be delivered one evening a week over a period of 4 weeks or over a weekend, whichever suits you best. The course is approximately ten hours.

Group Classes
These classes will take place at Old Stable Wellness Studio in Darley Abbey.
The classes will run from 10am- 4pm over a full weekend.

Next Group Classes
12th and 13th October 2019
9th and 10th November 2019
7th and 8th December 2019

11th and 12th January 2020
8th and 9th February 2020
7th and 8th March 2020

Further information

The course is a complete KG Hypnobirthing Antenatal class, which has been developed over 14 years, covering all the essentials in pregnancy, labour and birth. Expectant mothers and birth partners will find the course provides comprehensive knowledge of birth and the birthing body with skills that release fear, build confidence, and help parents look forward positively to the birth of their baby.