What is Hypnobirthing?

Logical, science based antenatal education

Hypnobirthing is a set of tools and techniques to use throughout pregnancy, labour and birth to help you reframe the way you feel about birth and access a state of deep relaxation, helping you stay calm, giving you confidence and having control over your birthing experience. It is logical, gentle and evidence based.

A Hypnobirthing course with The Calm Birth Club will teach you and your birth partner how to prepare for the best possible birth for YOU, YOUR body and YOUR baby.

Using the KG Hypnobirthing programme, the course offers a full antenatal education to prepare you for a positive birth experience. It gives you and your birth partner a deep understanding of how the body works, both physically and emotionally, giving you a set of tools to use throughout pregnancy and labour enabling you to navigate the medical system and make confident, informed and personalised choices that feel right for you and your baby.


“It has completely changed my perception of labour and child birth. I now have a true understanding of the mechanics and thoughts of labour”

Tom, ‘The Calm Birth Club’ member and birth partner

What are the Benefits of Hypnobirthing?

For Mum?
KGHypnobirthing Mothers are likely to be more comfortable during labour and many report virtually pain free births. Mothers are also less likely to have drugs or medical intervention, which in turn is good for her recovery; Mothers tend to bounce back much quicker following a Hypnobirth.

For Father?
Father’s have an integral role at the birth and during pregnancy. By having an active role, the birth experience is a loving and shared one.

For Baby? 
A baby born into a calm and relaxed atmosphere are too likely to be calm and relaxed, settle quickly and bond easily with Mum. Babies also tend to feed and sleep better.